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When it come's to wearable tech, activewear, or solar charging, EW is by far the best!

Inc. Magazine

I love the Rapid Sol , an amazing solar charger.

Jack Ruley - Customer

What if you could use sunlight to charge your phone?...

Hi, I'm Saum.

Here’s how Sunlight can power your device...

Remember the last time you wished you were able to power your phone magically... no plugs around, extra battery dead, no way to power your device... but what if you could use the SUN to POWER YOUR DEVICE?

Rapid Sol lets you use the sunlight to power your device. You can take it with you everywhere (Hiking, Camping, Festivals, Theme parks, much more...). That way you can use it when you need it the most. 

Keep a charge everywhere you go. Find peace of mind knowing you will have power in case of emergencies. You will have a way to power your devices when you need it the most.

Now, you might be thinking you will need a lot of sunlight to be able to power your device...
But this is not true; with our technology, we are able to use any available sunlight

Rapid Sol uses advanced technology to capture more available sunlight.

You can get a charge even on a cloudy day!

Check out the VIDEO below. You will see Rapid Sol in action!

Average Charge Time of different devices using Rapid Sol

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